Pre-Launch Update

Things continue to be very busy for the One Vancouver team but we thought it would be a good idea to take a short break and give everyone a quick update.

First of all, what’s it all about?

One Vancouver is a growing group of local partners, interested parties and enthusiasts who share a common vision of the potential of the new .TEL names. Many of us believe .TEL is one of the most important developments in the past 20 years – on a par with e-mail, the cell phone, even the World Wide Web – in terms of the impact it will have on our day to day lives.

Just as with any major innovation, change doesn’t happen over night. It starts with a few dedicated enthusiasts who continue to spread the word – and in Vancouver, we’re it! Ultimately, we hope to build a thriving community of .TEL users, but right now the name of the game is raising awareness and providing information so each person can make an informed choice about .TEL.

To that end, we’ve been busy getting the foundations of the web site ready, gathering our first Twitter followers, promoting some of the many current .tel owners in the Lower Mainland and lining up advertising, sponsorship and promotional opportunities.

It’s been a busy few months and we’re looking foward to our official launch at the start of August. In the meantime, add us to Twitter follows so we can keep you up to date – and do check in regularly as we’ll be updating the site often.

If you’re already a .TEL fan, do reach out and say hello. There are a lot of us around and we hope One Vancouver will give us a real focus for our efforts and energies.

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2 Responses to “Pre-Launch Update”

  1. Anthony Hickey says:

    Even from 6,000 miles away in Ireland, oneVancouver seems like a terrific and clever idea and ‘one’ that I hope spreads around the globe.
    I believe it will be community-driven initiatives like oneVancouver that will show people how useful .TEL is in the world of mobile communications.
    Well done, and good luck!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Anthony! .TEL is truly a global phenomenon and we look forward to seeing other strong local communities growing and helping people to connect around the world.

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