Viewing .TEL on Superbook

Superbook is a free iPhone app that can be downloaded from the App Store on your iPhone by searching “Superbook”. This video illustrates navigating three different .TEL records.

The first is, the name associated with the famous .TEL video shot in London and demonstrates navigating through structured data. The second is, a mini directory of international numbers to call if your credit card is lost and the final shows, the sponsoring organization behind the .TEL name.

While the demonstration is quite fast in places, it demonstrates how quickly the .TEL name works because it uses such small amounts of data pulled directly from the DNS. All navigation is dynamic and in real time.

If you own Blackberry instead of an iPhone, you can download Hornet from or

Oh, and in case you haven’t seen it, here’s the video – a humorous promotion for .TEL.

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