We Got Scot!

One of the best things about a new community is the people you meet.

As part of the .TEL for Realtors project, we wanted a way to quickly communicate the value of .TEL in a way that was simple to understand and which focussed on the benefits rather than the technology. Through our .TEL community we found Scot Ritchie.

Scot Ritchie IllustrationYou may not know Scot Ritchie by name but you’re almost certain to know his work. Scot is a professional, award winning illustrator living here in Vancouver, but his work is seen in publications around the world. His client list includes some of the biggest publications and leading companies in the world including New York Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Penguin, Readers Digest, Macleans, IBM, AT&T, Xerox and Verizon wireless, to name but a few.

Scot kindly took time out of his busy schedule to talk to us about One Vancouver and what we were trying to accomplish.

“I really like the idea of .TEL and what the One Vancouver team are doing”, says Scot. “My work as an illustrator is about communication and conveying ideas. .TEL is all about improving communication and getting your contact information out there fast… I felt it was a great fit. “

“In Vancouver there’s a lot of great people and businesses. The better we can connect the more we’re a real community. It feels good to be part of that.”

Scot has already begun to work up some initial ideas which immediately capture the simplicity of .TEL while managing to create a message specifically for Realtors. We’ll be running Scot’s illustrations in Realty Link in Print next month, so make sure you pick up a copy at your local real estate office.

To contact Scot or visit his web site to see his portfolio of illustration, please visit ScotRitchie.tel

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