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Dot-Tel? Do tell…

A new addition to the ever-growing lexicon of top- level domains (such as .com, .org, .edu, etc…) could be a worthwhile tool for you. REALTORS® and/or offices can register .tel domains to set up a webpage that acts like an online business card. Contact information appears for every point of communi-cation you choose to make public, from telephone numbers and office addresses to Facebook, Twitter and other social mediums. All .tel addresses can be accessed through any internet enabled device, and .tel sites are specially optimized for viewing on mobile devices. The people at .tel have created a three-minute video ex-plaining what it is and how to get started. Check it out at

This article has been reproduced from the August 14 edition of the REal Estate Board of Greater Vancouver’s bi-weekly newsletter, RealtorLink. We would like to extend our thanks to REBGV for helping to raise awareness of .TEL in the Vancouver Realtor community.

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