Why I bought GeorgeMoen.tel and why you will get yours!

George Moen, President of Blenz coffee talks about the .TEL and why he thinks it will be the next BIG thing. Read the full blog post at http://www.georgemoen.com/

My Success is all because of the network I built. So what do I do about it? Or, Dot Tel (.tel): Why I bought www.georgemoen.tel and why you will get yours!

I can remember the first time I was asked if I had an Email address on the Internet. I was at a Christmas party hosted by a Fortune 500 company and the biggity-wiggities were all going to a training session in Europe (BTW: It was Nestlé). I grasped the concept fairly quickly and wondered if this thing called EMail over the Internet was going to catch on. It was about 6 months later I got my first email address, and within a few months I was involved in my first Internet-related business. I have seen a lot since then: the Dot Boom & Crash, Web 2.0, mission-critical net-based applications that my companies and I could not survive without.

Just when you think nothing new could come along to grab your interest, .tel comes along. I have to admit I did not quite get it at first, but within a few days of my first introduction, I had one of the rare A-Hah moments…

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