One Vancouver

One Vancouver is an initiative to strengthen ties with people in our lives, creating long lasting business relationships, forging stronger social networks and extending a welcome hand to visitors to our city.

Comprising a growing number of partners and projects from business, tourism, government and education, One Vancouver’s goal is to distribute 25,000 .TEL names in Greater Vancouver before 2010 and create a community that is better connected, easy to reach and available for business in a mobile world.

.TEL (dot tel) names are unique ID’s that let us create a single point of contact with an easy to remember name like This name can be exchanged in conversation, entered in a mobile phone, stored in an address book or looked up in a browser. Contact information is instantly updated, so if you know a person’s .TEL name, you’ll always be able to reach them.

We believe that .TEL is set to revolutionize the way we exchange contact information, keep in touch and maintain long term relationships. Coupled with the ever growing importance of mobile devices .TEL is positioned to simplify and improve communications.

Now when people want to connect, the question will be simply “What’s your .TEL?”


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