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Add Images and Visitor Tracking to your .TEL Domain Name

There are a growing number of tools, applications and services for .TEL names, but one of the latest,, stands out because it addresses two of the most topical issues from business users:

  • How to add an image to a .TEL name; and
  • Tracking how many visits your .TEL has received.

In March 2010 Telnic introduced the ability to add an image to a .TEL name. When viewed through a web browser, the image shows up in the header of the page. This was a welcome feature, but for many it wasn’t as easy as it might have been because you couldn’t just upload your image. Because Telnic doesn’t host images, you have to find somewhere to upload the image, then reference the image location from your .TEL name.

While this isn’t too difficult, especially if you know a bit about the web, TELimg makes it very simple and allows you to manage multiple images for different folders within your .TEL or for multiple .TEL names. At the same time it offers an added bonus of a counter that reports the number of views and visitors to your .TEL name.

To get started, visit You create an account when you upload your first image. Simply enter your email address; name; browse for the image on your computer to upload; enter the verification code and click Create an Account. Your account username and password will be emailed to you.


The next page allows you to crop your image and adjust the settings for the counter. On the left of the page, the cropping tool allows you to define the part of the image that will be shown on the .TEL. The image will be scaled to 78×78 pixels.


On the right of the page is the Preview Panel that lets you see how the final image will appear and set up the counter. If you don’t want the public to see the counter, change the Counter option to “Hide”. Click “Update TELimg Image” to save your changes.


TELimg displays your list of saved images in distinct rows. Towards the left of each row you’ll see the image as it will be displayed on your .TEL domain name together with a special URL that must be pasted into your .TEL information through your TelHosting account.


Open a new browser tab or window and login to your TelHosting account. Once logged in click the Add button beside in the Logo tile on the right of the page to display the Add New Logo popup.


Copy the TELimg URL and paste it into the Image Location textbox. Clicking Preview will result in a warning about using secure images, but click the Preview button anyway and ignore the warning – on a couple of occasions we’ve noticed that not clicking the Preview button causes the image not to display. Click the Save button to save the image.


You should now see the icon displayed in the Logo tile. Open a new browser tab or window and enter your .TEL domain name – in this case If you don’t see the new image immediately, wait a few minutes and refresh the page. Remember .TEL information can take a few minutes to propagate.


Now return to the TELimg screen and refresh the page. Towards the right of the row, you will see a report of the number of Page Views and Unique visitors an on the far right. This allows you to know how often your .TEL has been viewed in a web browser. Further to the right, a set of action links allow you to Reset the Counter, Change Image or Remove the image.


You can add a new image for every folder (subdomain) of your .TEL. Instead of entering .TEL name as in the example of above, click the Add TELimg button and include the subdomain as well. For example

TELimg is still very new and continues to improve almost daily – in fact we’ve seen several improvements since the first draft of this article! TELimg is has proved very robust and easy to use and within minutes you’ll be uploading all your .TEL images.

The TELimg team, led by founder, Jay Paudyal ( is highly responsive and appreciates all feedback. They’ve come up with a very handy application that we predict will be very popular with users and we’re certainly very appreciative of the time and energy they’ve invested in building it for the .TEL community. Visit for more information and to start adding images to your .TEL domain name.

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New .tel proxy coming and we are excited!

Before we post our dot tel of the day, we review the .tel to see if a link has been added to their twitter account. We like to “congr@tulate” our .tel of the day recipients via Twitter if we can.

Some of you have really built our your .tel pages and it can be easy to miss the link to twitter. Telnic is making that a thing of the past with their new .tel interface.

If you add links to your twitter, facebook, linkedIn or major networking sites, their icon will show up in your .tel page making it easier for us to toot your horn.

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Dot Tel Radio

Dot Tel Radio is a new and exciting concept to bring the views and ideas of .TEL thought leaders and enthusiasts to the public through the medium of internet radio. Still in its early stages, we expect to see Dot Tel Radio develop over the coming months, but two interviews have already been recorded with George Moen of Blenz Coffee and Cybele Negris of

Interview with George Moen of Blenz Coffee
Interview with Cybele Negris of

Host Marilyn Anderson has given us a sneak peak at some of the future guests and subjects lined up for upcoming shows and we look forward to sharing the details with you in the near future.

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November Vancouver dot Tel Meetup

November’s .TEL Meetup was a great success with approximately 50 people meeting at the Harrison Galleries on Homer Street in Vancouver. Cybele Negris and Matthew Lane of gave a 30 minute presentation entitled “10 Tips to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your .TEL Name”.

Thanks to Marilyn Anderson and Bonnie Sainsbury of Duet Media and George Moen of Blenz Coffee for organizing the Meetup. Everyone is looking forward to the next Meetup on Friday December 11 at Harrison Galleries.

A zipped copy of the Power Point presentation “10 Tips to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your .TEL Name” is available from

For more information about the Vancouver dot TEL Meetup Group, please visit

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.tel Community Newsletter – October

In case you didn’t receive a copy of it,here is the October edition of .telegraph, Telnic’s monthly newletter. Lots of Vancouver stuff in here. Keep up the great work everyone!

Web Version:
PDF Download:

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.TEL Radio Interview with George Moen

If you missed the great interview in which George Moen talks about .tel with Marilyn Anderson of Resource Radio, here is a recording of the interview. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get the entire 40 minute interview, but we pick it up just before they move onto the topic of .tel.

.TEL Radio Interview with George Moen

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Small Business Report Confirms Strong Sector

The Ministry of Small Business, Technology and Economic Development and Western Economic Diversification Canada announced on October 16 that two reports released provide significant indicators of the economic health of small business in British Columbia according to Iain Black, Minister of Small Business, Technology and Economic Development.

Both the Small Business Profile 2009 and the Small Business Roundtable 4th Annual Report to Government confirm that B.C.’s small business sector is strong and vibrant.

More information about the Small Business Roundtable Annual Report is available at

The other report, The Small Business Profile 2009, was created in partnership between the Province, BC Stats and Western Economic Diversification Canada.

For a copy of the Small Business Profile 2009, visit

Highlights from the Small Business Profile 2009 (note the report reflects data from 2008)

  • Small businesses drive the BC economy employing over one million people and making up 98 per cent of all B.C. business.
  • British Columbia leads the country in small businesses per capita, with 87.7 small businesses per 1,000 people in 2008.
  • Small business accounted for over a third – 34 per cent – of British Columbia’s GDP, the highest of all provinces.
    British Columbia’s share of self-employed workers is the highest in the country, accounting for 18.5 per cent of total employment, well above the national average of 15.4 per cent.
  • 384,300 small businesses operated in the province in 2008, with nearly 82 per cent as micro-businesses with fewer than five employees.
  • Small business employs about one million people, providing nearly 56 per cent of all private-sector jobs in B.C.
  • Women make up 34 per cent B.C.’s self-employed – the fourth-highest rate in the country.
  • Since 2001, small businesses in B.C. have created 172,700 new jobs – 10,800 in 2008 alone.
  • There were nearly 8,500 small businesses in B.C.’s high-tech sector in 2008, making up about 96 per cent of all high-tech business.
  • Small business workers have seen annual earnings increase by 24 per cent over the past five years – more than twice the increase for large business workers.

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.TEL Set to Take Flight

If you run a small business in Vancouver or are interested in small business issues, chances are you read Make IT Business. Be sure to check out the October Issue for the special feature on .TEL in which COO, Cybele Negris talks about why .tel is so important for businesses of any size.

If you’re not based in Vancouver, you can read the online version of the article on the Make It Business website

.Tel set to take flight

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Vancouver: Green Capital

On September 30, 2009, Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson announced to a packed Vancouver Board of Trade luncheon the City’s new Brand: “Vancouver: Green Capital”

The ‘Vancouver, Green Capital’ global branding strategy was by City of Vancouver and Vancouver Economic Development Commission. Vancouver has always been known as a nice place to visit. The idea is to present a consistent, positive image to market Vancouver to the world during the 2010 Winter Games and beyond and to demonstrate Vancouver as a place for leading edge green technology R&D and a place to do business rather than as a “sleepy, laid-back Westcoast town.”

[View press release (PDF)...]

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.Tel Names Gather Momentum in Vancouver

Despite the never ending summer we’ve been enjoying here in the Lower Mainland, there’s been a notable shift in focus as we put vacations behind us and get back down to the business of business – and .TEL is suddenly very much on people’s radar.

In the past few weeks we’ve seen rapidly growing momentum in .TEL related activity. Partner projects are taking off, new initiatives are starting, people are talking about .TEL online and at events and there’s been a big spike in the number of .TEL names being registered.

We’ll provide more detail in upcoming posts, but for now here’s a digest of recent and upcoming activity:

Our EasyPark Billboard Campaign started in August has been a tremendous success and we’ll be continuing to run with the awareness campaign into the Fall. Again, our thanks goes out to One Vancouver partner Pictoform (, their president Todd Pierce and EasyPark (

CanTalk Wireless ( have launched their in store .TEL campaign, offering .TEL names to their large customer base and providing the opportunity for Vancouverites to pop into one of their many outlets to learn more about .TEL. CanTalk staff are happy to help customers look up and register their .TEL right in the shop. CanTalk also offers a branded version of the .TEL Address Book, which they’ll be happy to help you install on your Blackberry® Smartphone. We’ll be bringing you more news about CanTalk and speaking with CanTalk President, Nick Ellery in the coming days. Learn more about CanTalk Wireless at

Blenz Coffee ( is ready to launch their in-store Social Media program and is in the process of distributing collateral materials to all their partners, including 10,000 cards featuring their .TEL name. The program prominently features .TEL, so be on the look out for it next week in your local Blenz. is a great example of how to set up a .TEL name for a company with multiple locations. You can quickly navigate to any shop for contact details or map information as well as providing a wealth of corporate information and contacts.

If you’re in the market for a house – or a .TEL – make sure you pick up a copy of RealtyLink in Print for any of the major areas in the Lower Mainland and turn to the back page. Our ad features original artwork by internationally renowned, Vancouver-based illustrator, Scot Ritchie. Realtors continue to be the number one vertical for .TEL. They just seem to get it right away. Watch for our upcoming special on realtors featuring some of the best examples of .TEL use from around Vancouver and the rest of the world.

Marilyn Anderson of Duet Media has organized Vancouver’s first .TEL Meet Up. The Meet Up will give .TEL enthusiasts from around the Lower Mainland an opportunity to meet in person and give anyone new to .TEL (that’s all of us, I think!) a chance to learn more. The breakfast Meet Up is Scheduled for Friday October 9 at 7:30am at Harrison Galleries, 901 Homer Street, Vancouver. For more information and to register for this free event, please visit is the new fast-growing hierarchical directory aimed at promoting businesses that use .TEL and a wide range of .TEL resources. Created by HOBN (High Output Business Network – in partnership with, it employs a Yahoo/DMOZ like human-reviewed model to help ensure that only active, populated .TEL names are used. The team have been consulting with Mark Kolb of TelMasters, author of many of the leading .TEL tools and applications to help identify and find the best selection of .TEL names. Still in pre-release mode, has already amassed more than 2000 links and the group is keen to hear from people wishing to become authorised editors of the directory.

Check out the upcoming edition of Make IT Business for a feature interview with’s Chief Operating Officer, Cybele Negris. Due out later in October, the interview focuses on .TEL, how it works and why it’s so critical that businesses get their .TEL names. Make IT Business is a Vancouver focussed publication devoted to inspiring small business to succeed.

Make sure you tune in to News 1130 Radio in October. We’ve been busy working with their creative team create a series of .tel awareness raising ads to be run starting October 5. The News 1130 radio ads are intended to work in conjunction with our broad awareness billboards and upcoming TV slots and complement the targeted promotions we’ve been working on for vertical markets in the Vancouver area.

It looks as though there will be a good turn out from growing contingent of .TEL enthusiasts at The Entrepreneur Showcase, organised by Small Business BC on Wednesday October 7. The Entrepreneur Showcase features 17 Vancouver based entrepreneurs, including COO, Cybele Negris and Blenz President, George Moen. George is also the keynote speaker, so we’re pretty sure the audience of 250 local businesses, media and government representatives will hear more than a little bit about .TEL and how it fits into effective marketing and Social Media strategies. will be featuring a .TEL exhibit with competitions on the spot registrations and we have a number of .TEL advocates at the event so there’ll be a lot of .TEL expertise on the ground for the event.

Hornet, the .TEL Address Book for Blackberry continues to be a major influence when it comes to demonstrating the power of .TEL, especially to the business community. We’ve had over 1000 downloads and some great feedback from users. A minor upgrade to alpha version 1.06 was recently released to improve handling of special charaters (UTF-8 support) and to improve the Get Directions features when viewing a .TEL location on a map. Hornet can be downloaded over the air most easily from The official web site is

We’ve been conducting some preliminary research with local store owners, coffee shops and salons and have received very positive feedback and interest in a potential new initiative provisionally entitled The program involves local retailer promoting .TEL while becoming resellers themselves. Participating retailers receive their own .TEL name to share with customers together with attractive collateral materials in the form of display posters and rack cards. The rack card feature their own .TEL names, together with .TEL information and instructions for registering their own .TEL names. Each registration is tracked to the retailer who receives a referral fee. Details are still being worked out, but we hope to launch a pilot program with around 50 retailers in late October.

We’ll be providing more detail of these events and more over the coming weeks, sure be sure to check back regularly.

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