Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a .TEL name?
  2. Who is .TEL for?
  3. How much does a .TEL name cost?
  4. What do I do if the name I want is taken?
  5. Will .TEL names replace phone numbers and email?
  6. How will .TEL protect my privacy?
  7. Is .TEL a domain name?
  8. Can I use email with my .TEL?
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    What is a .TEL name?

    A .tel name is a unique ID like or to which an individual or company can attach all their contact information, making it easier to exchange, store and manage contacts. It creates a single point of contact which is easy to remember and helps people stay connected, whether they’re family, friends or business connections.

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    Who is .TEL for?

    Ultimately .TEL is for anyone that has a telephone number, email and exchanges contact information. The heaviest early adopters include people who use business cards regularly or whose name is synonymous with their business. This includes middle management in large organizations, realtors, sales professionals, consultants and contractors and small business owners.

    .TEL is also finding favour with many small companies and sole proprietorships who are attracted the low price for an online and mobile presence, high rankings in Google and other search engines, without the need for hosting or designers (see below).

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    How much does a .TEL name cost?

    A .TEL name is normally $19.99 US. There are no additional hosting fees.

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    What do I do if the name I want is taken?

    .TEL names are unique, so once a name is registered you must select an alternative name. Sometimes registered names are for sale, but often these names sell for hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

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    Will .TEL names replace phone numbers and email?

    .TEL names are not a replacement for phone numbers or e-mail addresses, but if you use a cell phone regularly, you'll recognize that we often rely on the built in address book and more often dial by name than by number. The same is true of .TEL. You tend to "Call John", "Email John" or "Message John". The telephone number is necessary for the connection, but you no longer know or care what the actual number is.

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    How will .TEL protect my privacy?

    With .TEL, you can specify any contact information to be private. So you can include your home phone number in your .TEL information, but mark it as private so that only friends and family are able to see it.

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    Is .TEL a domain name?

    Officially .TEL is a gTLD or Generic Top Level Domain and is governed by the bodies and rules that govern other domain names. The purpose and function of a .TEL is completely different, focussing on contact information, not content. You can't for example set up a web site with your .TEL name.

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    Can I use email with my .TEL?

    Yes, you can set email accounts up such as and even configure .TEL to use free email services like Gmail.