Partners & Projects

One Vancouver comprises a growing number partners working together to reach our overall goal while concentrating on a specific area of focus. There are currently more than a dozen initiatives in the works. Here are some of the .TEL activities:

Vancouver .TEL Meetup

  Started in November 2009, the Vancouver .TEL Meetup Group has grown to become the place to get together to talk about .TEL, network with other .TEL owners, exchange ideas and learn about .TEL from one of the wide range of international .TEL speakers invited to present to the group each month.

The Vancouver Meetup Group is the brainchild of Marilyn Anderson, Bonnie Sainsbury and George Moen. With six great meetings under its belt, it has attracted more than 130 entrepreneurs from the local area and has now begun broadcasting to its monthly meetings to .TEL enthusiasts around the world.

New members are always welcome. Just sign up at and we’ll see you at the next meeting!

tel_realtors.Tel for Realtors

Next time you pass a lawn sign, wait 30 seconds and try to recall the information you just saw. The vast majority of us will easily recall the realtor’s name, but not the contact information. Enter their name on your cell phone and instantly view and store all of their contact information.

Even view their listings.

Learn more at

Hornet for Blackberry & Superbook for iPhone

Hornet and Superbook are free .tel address books that will change the way you exchange contact information forever. Just enter a contact or company’s .tel name and all available contact information is downloaded immediately. Any changes or addition to a .tel name is automatically updated in your address book.

Free Downloads
To download Hornet for Blackberry, visit or
To download Superbook for iPhone, visit iTunes App Store and search “Superbook”

.TEL of the Day

Promoting local people, local business and local destinations is a core objective of One Vancouver.

.TEL of the Day is a constantly updated resource that showcases the diversity and spectrum of interests and passions of people within our community.

Support local businesses while making your life easier by using their .TEL names to access all their up to date contact information, including location, through a single point of contact.

Remember, if you have a smartPhone, use one of the many free mobile address book apps to store and maintain .TEL names for all your contacts.

Please keep the nominations coming in to and don’t forget to ask new people you meet, “What’s your .TEL?”

View the every growing list of .TEL names in Vancouver at our .TEL of the Day archive.

Win A Blackberry® Storm™

Win a Blackberry Storm from

Blackberry Storm Contest Winner Announced!

The winner of the Blackberry® Storm competition courtesy of and Telus Mobility is Nancy Hamilton of Squamish, BC. Nancy’s .TEL and is a great example of how to use .TEL for business.

The official announcement is available on the blog


Mobility Stores (August 2009)

.tel is made for mobile. You can view a .tel through any Internet enabled device, including browsers, but its benefits can best be experienced on mobile devices. Apps for Blackberry and iPhone further improve the experience and allow you to store and manage .tel names just like an address book – but without all the data entry!

Easy Park (early 2010)

.tel is more than a just an electronic business card; it’s a robust technology that creates the opportunity for innovative thinking and ideas.
Easy Park is using the .tel’s ability to instantly update information to provide customers with an up to date display of stall availability in each of its parking facilities.

Spear headed by environmental designer, Todd Pierce, of Pictoform, the initiative aims not only to make finding available parking easier, its goal is to help reduce carbon emissions. “Studies conducted by Vancouver City Engineers showed that 52% of all midday traffic in downtown Vancouver is in search of available parking. If we can ease even a small percentage through our initiative, the impact could be considerable. “

Scheduled for early 2010, you’ll soon be able to visit and discover real time parking availability.